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Janet Lansbury - Elevating Childcare translates Magda Gerber's RIE approach for today's parents.

Association Montessori International (AMI)

AMI is the professional organization founded by Maria Montessori to ensure the integrity of her educational philosophy, developed over 100 years ago.  The AMI website offers a hub of information about Montessori education and research, applicable to Montessori practitioners around the world.



AMI/USA represents the Association Montessori International in the United States.  This website provides resources for parents and families, future teachers, and current schools and staff.  Parents new to Montessori should check out the school locator to find local AMI accredited Montessori schools!

Montessori Guide

A video-based resource that offers footage for Montessori guides to delve deeper into their practice and information for families about what happens in Montessori communities and why

Aid to Life

A Montessori resource for parents for supporting development from birth to age three, created in partnership with AMI and other Montessori organizations


A collection of articles by Montessori professionals that feature life in Montessori classrooms 

Janet Lansbury – Elevating Childcare

From Janet Lansbury, a leading voice in the Raising Infant Educarers (RIE) community, RIE is a childcare practice developed in partnership between Magda Gerber and Dr. Emmi Pikler which focuses on raising authentic and self-confident children.  

Aha! Parenting

Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist and mother, translates proven science into practical solutions for families.



Forest Bluff School Blog

Paula Polk Lillard, acclaimed Montessori author, founded the Forest Bluff Montessori School in 1982 with Lynn Lillard Jensen (daughter and co-author of Montessori From the Start) and Jane Linari.  The blog, written by Paula Lillard Preschlack (another Lillard daughter), offers eloquent and thorough articles on a range of topics for families.  

How We Montessori

With gorgeous photos and endless ideas and resources, this blog documents an Australian family's approach to Montessori principles in the home.   

The Kavanaugh Report

It's impossible not to smile at videos of Nicole Kavanaugh's joyful and capable children preparing food.  This blog offers another world of ideas for families incorporating Montessori principles at home.        

Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast

Founder and CEO of the successful Goat Milk Stuff business and mother and homeschooler of eight children, PJ Jonas offers thoughtful podcasts on parenting children to be self-disciplined, responsible, and goal-oriented people based on her own experiences and ample reading.

What to Read to Your Kids

The Book Mommy, Melissa LaSalle, a Princeton-educated Montessori mom with a professional background in children’s books enticingly shares her obsession: What to Read to Your Kids.

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