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Matches, Needles, and Knives explains how an early introduction to managing risk prepares children for the car keys at sixteen and beyond.  

Matches, Needles, and Knives

How the early introduction of matches, needles, and knives prepares a child for the responsibility of the car keys at sixteen, eighteen, or beyond

Montessori Entryways I Love

Inspiration for entryways that meet children's needs

Practical Life: Care of Self at Three

Appropriately high expectations for care of self at age three

Child Friendly Bathroom

Ideas for preparing the bathroom for your child

Her Spaces: A Few Child-Sized Eco Play Areas

Incorporating beautiful children's spaces into the home


Organizing a Child’s Wardrobe to Encourage Independent Dressing

Tips to encourage independent dressing

Our Montessori Kitchen

So many pictures and ideas in this organized, attractive kitchen space


Our Montessori Home in Baltimore: Where We Eat

One family's take on a prepared space for children to eat

Pouring a Drink and Snack Preparation

Set-up for a drink and snack station for young children

Health Star Rating System + Tips for Setting Up a Kid's Fridge

The ins and outs of a kid's fridge

Out with the Plastic, In with the Porcelain: Why I Replaced the Kids’ Dishes

How breakable dishes convey trust and respect and develop responsibility

DIY {IKEA Hack} Wash Basin

An inexpensive way to give children water access at their work station

Creating a Cleaning Station

Empower your child to clean up after himself

Ideas for a Montessori Bedroom - 5 Years +

Inspiring bedroom ideas for an elementary aged child

Montessori Home Environments for a Five-Year-Old

All around the home: ideas for an elementary aged child

Our Art Centre

Making art supplies organized and accessible to children at home

Tips for Hanging Low Artwork

How to consider children when decorating a space

Montessori Music Baskets and Shelves to Love

Encouraging music exploration in your home

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