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Featured Family Article

A Parent's Role: How It Differs shows how to define and clarify the role of the adult with independent children.  


Owner’s Manual for a Child

A compelling, actionable letter to parents in the voice of a child

A Parent’s Role: How It Differs from that of a Guide

Defining and clarifying the role of the adult with independent children

Family Meetings

A Positive Discipline tool for modeling respectful problem-solving and collaboration in the family

Against the Sticker Chart

I particularly appreciated the caution about bringing "market norms" into family life.

Today is Saturday

Experience a Montessori family’s home life on the weekend


One Mother’s Story

A thoughtful and disciplined mother's values are impacted by changing family resources. Follow along with the mother's inner dialogue, which offers commonsense contrast to some aspects of today's culture.

Helping Siblings Engage Safely and Positively

A detailed example of how a parent can guide a sibling interaction in a way that respects and empowers both children

Is It "Giving In" Or "Responding?"

Navigating the gray area when it comes to following through on what you say

When Children Prefer One Parent

How to constructively play both roles - rejected parent and preferred parent - while understanding why children play favorites, and why not to take it personally

How Parents Can Model Better Screen Time Behavior for Their Kids

I particularly appreciate the tip to narrate what you're doing when using phones around children.

Why Your Children Should Do Chores

Noteworthy article on the value of chores, plus a last paragraph that will stay with you forever

The Value of a Mess

The benefits of not correcting mistakes with chores (even after the fact)


Practical Life and Household Chores at Five Years

How one Montessori family conceives of chores for children under five years


At Six Years – Non-negotiable Chores

How one Montessori family conceives of chores for children after six years

7 Montessori-Inspired Ways to Have a Smoother Morning Routine with Your Kids

How to help your child take ownership over the morning routine

Grace and Courtesy – Table Manners for Children

The grace and courtesy lessons that one family practices at home

How to Eat Dinner with a Toddler without Losing Your Mind

I particularly appreciated the suggestion to "load up a tray" of supplies, preparing for the meal as one would pack for a car trip, to prevent continuous fetching.

Getting a little kid to behave (and eat) at the dinner table?  Make it a game.

A wealth of games and conversation prompts about food

Including Children in Holiday Traditions

A Montessori perspective on holidays, traditions, and gift giving by age

Enchanting Child-Inspired Pumpkin Carving

How to give children ownership and build confidence during pumpkin carving


Bring Home Lessons in Concentration from Montessori Classrooms

How to model concentration for children in the age of multi-tasking

Montessori in the Backseat

How to use the car environment to support connection and development


Summertime and the Montessori Child

A Montessori guide offers summer suggestions for young children

The Secret to a Great Family Outing

A parent highlights differences between the adult and child's perspective

Travel – Montessori Style

Montessori tips for traveling with children

Montessori Tips for Traveling with Kids

Simone Davies from Montessori Notebook offers ideas for traveling with children

The Dog Isn't Sleeping: How to Talk to Kids about Death

Powerful piece taking cues from a Sesame Street episode that addressed death

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