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Featured Empowerment Drawing

Survivor Mom: Teaching Consent is a drawing with a memorable question for daily use.

This Is How You Teach Kids About Consent

Action steps for teaching consent from ages 1 to 21

8 People Your Child Doesn’t HAVE to Hug

A cartoon showing who your child does not HAVE to hug

Survivor Mom: Teaching Consent

A question for daily use & its powerful message

Safety Rules for Every Family

I like the idea of practicing excuses to escape unsafe situations.

Six Things Parents Can Do to Raise Kids to Be Confident Decision-Makers

How to encourage practice with small decisions to prepare for larger ones

How "Strength Based Parenting" Is Bringing out the Best in Kids

Positive psychology research meets parenting best practices

When they come out, everyone is gone. Their father is nowhere in sight. Michael looks nervous. 'What are we going to do?' 'I don't know.' They both begin to panic.

A powerful story not to be missed, developing essential skills in the age of smart phones

To Raise Confident, Independent Kids, Some Parents Are Trying to 'Let Grow'

Ideas for incremental challenges to help foster independence

Stop Telling Kids to "Be Careful" And What to Say Instead

Phrases for fostering awareness and problem solving in children, rather than fear

Training Children to Be Independent

To make this widely applicable, I would downplay aspects on religion and the one mention of firearms, otherwise this is a thorough and ambitious list for raising an independent person.

For Kids with Anxiety, Parents Learn to Let Them Face Their Fears

The successful results of a Yale University study that trained parents to support their children with anxiety

10 Surprising Ways to Calm An Anxious Child

A list of specific tactics to support anxious children based on brain research

Daydreaming Is Good for You and Other Things I Want Kids to Know About Their Brains

Brain science translated into digestible, actionable chunks for children

This Mother's Description of her Tween Son's Brain Is a Must-read for All Parents

One mother's compelling wording for an important conversation between parent and child

When Our Child Is Hurt by Another

Thoughtful, informed, empowering, and not necessarily intuitive ways to respond when your child is hurt by another

The Train Analogy that Will Completely Change How You See Your Crying Child

Emotional empowerment: giving children the space to work through hard feelings

Raising a Powerful Girl

16 concrete ideas for empowering girls

Are You Holding Your Daughter Back?  Here Are Five Ways to Raise Girls to Be Leaders.

How to challenge gender biases, stereotypes, and cultural norms with step-by-step advice

Boys and Girls Constrained by Toys and Costumes

The history of gender in toys and clothing & research on its effects

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