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Featured Discipline Article

10 Alternatives to Consequences offers tools to encourage cooperation when your child struggles.

Family Meetings

A Positive Discipline tool for modeling respectful problem-solving and collaboration in the family

What to Say to Little Kids Instead of 'Say Sorry'

Developmentally appropriate ways to navigate children's conflicts

26 Phrases to Calm Your Angry Child

Thoughtful alternatives to commonly used phrases and why they help

Which Is Better, Rewards or Punishments? Neither

A premise that preaches to the choir and phrasing ideas that make it worth a read

10 Alternatives to Consequences when Your Child Isn’t Cooperating

Actionable ideas for your parenting tool belt


10 Ways to Guide Children without Punishment

Empowering the adult as a guide


The Strong-Willed Child: 11 Ways to Turn Power Struggles into Cooperation

Understanding the strong-willed child


10 Tips to Help Your Child with Anger

Step-by-step guide to help parents help children with anger


3 Simple Tips to Stop Toddler Hitting

How to respond to hitting as a form of exploration


My Child Hits Me!  What Can I Do?

How to respond to hitting out of anger


The White Dot Incident

Compelling example of natural consequences in a Montessori classroom

Behind the Laundry Hamper

A beautiful story of treating anger within a community

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