Featured Discipline Article

10 Alternatives to Consequences offers tools to encourage cooperation when your child struggles.

Family Meetings

A Positive Discipline tool for modeling respectful problem-solving and collaboration in the family

26 Phrases to Calm Your Angry Child

Thoughtful alternatives to commonly used phrases and why they help

Which Is Better, Rewards or Punishments? Neither

A premise that preaches to the choir and phrasing ideas that make it worth a read

10 Alternatives to Consequences when Your Child Isn’t Cooperating

Actionable ideas for your parenting tool belt


10 Ways to Guide Children without Punishment

Empowering the adult as a guide


The Strong-Willed Child: 11 Ways to Turn Power Struggles into Cooperation

Understanding the strong-willed child


10 Tips to Help Your Child with Anger

Step-by-step guide to help parents help children with anger


3 Simple Tips to Stop Toddler Hitting

How to respond to hitting as a form of exploration


My Child Hits Me!  What Can I Do?

How to respond to hitting out of anger


The White Dot Incident

Compelling example of natural consequences in a Montessori classroom

Behind the Laundry Hamper

A beautiful story of treating anger within a community

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