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Dangers of Distracted Parenting discusses how adult screen time affects children.

How Parents Can Model Better Screen Time Behavior for Their Kids

I particularly appreciate the tip to narrate what you're doing when using phones around children.

Dangers of Distracted Parenting

How adult screen time affects children

How "Strength Based Parenting" Is Bringing Out The Best in Kids

Positive psychology research meets parenting best practices

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids and Start Raising Kind Ones

I especially like how the author elevated kindness as a family value through questions and stories around the dinner table.

Against the Sticker Chart

I particularly appreciated the caution about bringing "market norms" into family life.

In Praise of Mediocre Kids

An article just as valuable as the title is unnerving

When they come out, everyone is gone. Their father is nowhere in sight. Michael looks nervous. 'What are we going to do?' 'I don't know.' They both begin to panic.

A powerful story not to be missed, developing essential skills in the age of smart phones

To Raise Confident, Independent Kids, Some Parents Are Trying To 'Let Grow'

Ideas for incremental challenges to help foster independence 

Information-Hungry Millennial Parents, Making It Hard on Themselves

Changes to parenting in the internet age


Psychologists to Well-Meaning Parents: Indulging Your Kid’s Anxieties Makes Them Worse

Psychologists discuss how to respond to children’s anxieties

Follow Bliss: Should We Step In or Stand Back to Help Kids Find their Passion

The science behind what fuels – and hinders – passion, creativity, success, and happiness

Why You Should Always Skip Your Kids’ Baseball Games

A new way to think about children’s sports from author Daniel Pink


Kids Gone Wild: Denmark’s Forest Kindergartens

What forest kindergartens look like (think: tiny child atop a tall tree!) and what drives their value

Helping Kids with the Barrage of Scary News

Five ways to talk to children (over 6) about current events, even if you’re overwhelmed

How Inuit Parents Teach Kids to Control Their Anger

An anthropological piece that examines Inuit wisdom of the past that communities want to preserve today

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