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Featured Concentration Video

Hazel Sets the Table shows a young child empowered by work with narration by Montessori professors from around the country.

Evoking the State of Flow

A principle aspect of Montessori education, which you can replicate at home


Independence in the Kitchen – and Getting that Feeling

A different principle aspect of Montessori education to bring home

Independent Baking Using a Toaster Oven - Montessori Style

How to incorporate a toaster oven into a Montessori environment


A Montessori Morning

One boy’s three hour Montessori work cycle in four minutes  


A Montessori Community  

A peek into a Montessori classroom for three to six year old


Hazel Sets the Table

A young child sets the table for a meal in her toddler Montessori community


Making Coffee for Dad

A two-year-old demonstrates concentration, independence, and body coordination (all aspects of executive functioning) while making coffee for dad


2.5-Years-Old Twins Washing Dishes and Loading Dishwasher

A chipper scene of twins washing dishes, fast-forwarded to music while mother looks on  


Make Peanut Sesame Noodles with Toddler Twins

A mother exposes children to language, tastes, and smells before a cooking project


Jade (5 Years Old) Milks Thalia, the Goat

A five-year-old demonstrates concentration, independence, and body coordination while executing the multi-step process of milking a goat


Little Girl Helps Give Birth to a Baby Sheep

A young girl has an empowering and sensorial experience of birthing a baby sheep: concentration, independence, and body coordination at work!


Toddler Making Salad

A toddler prepares a salad: an interactive way to inspire healthy eating habits


Montessori Homeschool: Dish Washing

A parent provides an engaging task and does not interrupt with words or actions   


Montessori Homeschool: Folding Shirts!

A child-friendly way of folding shirts

Bring Home Lessons in Concentration from Montessori Classrooms

How to model concentration for children in the age of multi-tasking

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