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Baby Registry

Baby registries are very personal.  The items on this list are not so much recommendations, as a running record of what worked for our family. As you do your own research and have your own experiences, you'll know what works for yours.  No, everything does not need to be organic.  Our daughter lives mostly in non-organic hand-me-downs, and we LOVE them.  Have you read the book I Like Old Clothes by Mary Ann Hoberman?  It expresses our sentiment exactly.  I share these items to give you ideas, and because I would have liked to stumble across a registry like this when I was pregnant. Congratulations to your family during this happy and exciting time!    


Organic Kimono Shirts

Our favorite for the early days because they don't go over the baby's head and they give air to the umbilical stump.  Sturdy design, ready for our next baby.

Merino Wool Sweater

This was our daughter's constant second layer; we more than justified its expense.  Soft, a bit stretchy, and the perfect weight.

Hand wash.

Merino Wool Silk Pants

These roomy pants fit our daughter long after anticipated.  We love how they naturally regulate body temperature. Hand wash.

100% Wool Socks

The socks we chose turned out to be 6% wool.  I'd like to try these.  As with anything, we value quality over quantity.

100% Organic Cotton Socks

We went a size up following reviews, but they also stretch with wear. Like any sock, our baby likes to pull them off and suck them. Ours only came in the tan color.

Burt's Bees Baby Booties

We are giving these to our baby for her first Christmas, along with a book and a toy. I like that the fabric is organic cotton, but most importantly, with the snap, they will hopefully stay on!

Goumikids Booties

Same company as the mittens below. I don't have these, but they look great! Another option for keeping those tootsies warm on children who eat socks.

Konfetti Swedish Slippers

The soft sole make these an ideal first shoe for babies. Montessori teachers recommend them as indoor classroom shoes, as well. We got ours in red, which was very helpful when we turned our neighbood upside down when one got lost.

Organic Cotton Infant Gown

Extremely well made, though admittedly hard to put on at first, these gowns make for easy nighttime diaper changes. Flaps on the sleeves also let you cover the hands.

Organic Cotton

Kimono Gown

If I invest in another sleep gown, I will get this one.  The kimono style undoubtedly makes this easier to put on.

Organic Cotton Swaddle

As per Montessori philosophy, we had not planned to swaddle, but this swaddle helped our daughter sleep deeply.  We like that velcro secures the fabric and arms can go in or out.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

Our daughter graduated to this swaddle, which accomodated her growing body. The layers of wrapped fabric kept her warm, and the manner of wrapping kept the fabric secure. 

ergoPouch 3.5 Tog Sleep Suit

In autumn, we switched to a sleep suit. I like that it has sleeves, and the temperature range takes away the guess work of whether our baby will be warm enough. 

Woolino 4-Season Sleep Bag

If I purchase another sleep option, it will be this.  I appreciate the quality of the materials and the versatility by season.  Also, I love wool!

Organic Cotton Hat

This hat fit best as our baby grew.  I like the way it looks and feels.  In the early days, we found this style worked well.  

Burt's Bees Organic Cotton Hooded Coat

We brought our baby home from the hospital in March in this coat. It's a perfect layer for moderate weather. We didn't think it was too bulky for carseats. Several sweet patterns to choose.

Long Sleeve Baby Swimsuit

We received lovely hand-me-down swim gear.  Here's my recommendation for a new purchase: high quality, long sleeves, cute patterns.

Columbia Snow Suit

We were lucky to get one of these from a friend. We use it in all cold weather, and it's great because we don't need layers, hats, mittens, or even socks (we usually wear socks).  Fold-over parts cover hands and feet, and the hood on ours stays up though there's room for a hat.  It makes going outside a breeze! 

UV Protection Sun Hat

Grateful that the neck flap reduces the need for sunscreen. The hat slides down and twists around sometimes, but overall we're pleased.

Organic Stay On Mittens

I don't own these, but they're on my list.  I picked them for outdoors; Montessori recommends leaving baby hands free to explore otherwise. Of course,they work for sleeping babies, too.  I like them because there's no thumb hole so they're easy to put on, and the velcro holds them in place.

Sunglasses BPA Free

We own but have not used these yet due to size.  Will update review soon.  

Reusable Swim Diaper

We're grateful for our hand-me-down swim diapers, but here's a good choice if you're looking to buy new.  Adjustable to grow with your baby.

IKEA Hanging Storage

We got two of these to hang in the closet.  We keep clothes that currently fit in one, and clothes the next size up in the other.  We will graduate from this to a child-friendly set-up.

Child-Sized Hangers

We have a few hangers for seasonal dresses and outerwear that fit. The hangers are at adult height now, but we will make them accessible to our child when ready.


Lotus Crib-to-Bassinet Conversion

User-friendly, eco-friendly, and works with our travel crib of choice.  A good find.


Organic Cotton Fitted

Bassinet Sheet

Solid quality, as expected.  We have three sets of sheets.


Organic Cotton Fitted

Crib Sheet

Solid quality, as expected. We have three sets of sheets.

Lotus Travel Crib

We chose the Lotus crib for its eco-friendly qualifications and the side entry which will allow our child mobility like a Montessori floor bed (it can be locked). For now, our daughter sleeps on her floor bed for naps and uses this crib at night in our room.  Plus you can bend at the knees and save your back!

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

This is a great multi-purpose blanket.  We have used it for swaddling, blocking the sun from the stroller, keeping our daughter cozy in the car seat, and as a light cover during skin-to-skin in the warm hospital recovery room.

Organic Merino Wool

Baby Blanket

We love wool, and this baby blanket is easy to care for being machine washable.  If you're like us, you'll receive lots of wonderful blankets as gifts - and find a use for all of them!   This one is soft, lightweight, and warm.

Video Baby Monitor

Love this monitor!  We have one video screen and three cameras, one for each bed in my home day care.

Indoor Thermometer

Our home is drafty, so we appreciate knowing the temperature where our baby sleeps for choosing layers.

GermGuardian Air Purifier

We live in a city near an airport, so we use air purifiers to improve the air in our home.  You can find the filters here and here.

Changing Area

Changing Table

We found our changing table on Craigslist, but this one is similar.  You can also find one at IKEA. When our daughter begins to dress herself, I will organize a limited selection of her clothes in baskets on these shelves.

Organic Wool Changing Pad

I use a wool pad on top of a folded towel on our changing table as waterproof padding.  I wanted something that was eco-friendly and could be repurposed when we no longer need a changing pad.

Cotton Rope Storage Baskets

I like the aesthetic of these baskets, and they're quite sturdy. I currently fill the larger two with diapers and bath supplies, respectively, and the smaller two help with toy organization on our shelves.

Linen Laundry Basket

This basket has worked perfectly well for laundry. It may have a future life in closet or toy organization or as a place for gear in a mudroom.

Crochet Basket

We keep our baby care essentials in this (ours is pink): diaper cream, Vitamin D drops, nail clippers, thermometer, etc.  This version is even prettier!


This plays MVP role among my supplies. I use it to hand wash laundry, wash toys, and collect dirty dishes and bibs when I'm feeding more than one child. 

Bamboo Hooded Towel

We had planned to use adult towels for our baby to avoid an extra purchase.  We received this soft towel as a shower gift, and the hood helps keep our daughter warm and snug.

Unscented Castille Soap

I use this soap for everything: washing baby, clothes, toys, the floor, etc.  I love the purity of the ingredients and that a little bit goes a long way!

Baby Bathtub

Before we received this tub, we planned to wash our baby in the white basin above, a metal basin we own, or in the bathtub with us.  In the early months, we felt most comfortable with this.

Hair Care & Massage Brush

Our baby is bald, as my husband and I were as babies, but these brushes are nice quality and can be used for scalp massage if your baby has no hair!

Nail Clippers

The best thing about these is the window that lets you check tool placement before you clip - amazing!  We still clipped our baby's nails while she was asleep for the first few months. :)

Nasal Aspirator

All squeamishness about this tool disappeared when a cold impeded our baby's ability to breathe.  We have a great photo of baby giving daddy the stink eye as he used this. 

Diaper Cream

We received this as a gift, and it's worked great.  I trust this company, and I like that the ingredients are safe.

Vitamin D Drops

Our pediatrician recommends that all breastfed babies take 400 IU of vitamin D daily.  Our child opens up when she sees the bottle - can't taste too bad!

Coconut Oil

Excellent multi-purpose product.  Antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, I use this for nipple care, baby massage, dry skin, and small scratches.


We put this thermometer on our registry, and it's been great for adult temperatures and quick baby checks.  We will use it more as our child gets older.


We learned after birth that anal temperature is most accurate for babies.  We use our regular digital thermometer for this, dipping the tip in vaseline.


This is a pack of three travel sized Vaselines.  We like the travel size because it's easy to throw in the diaper bag when we're taking a trip.    

Mama Bear Diapers -Newborn

Montessori philosophy supports cloth diapering. Among other reasons, cloth diapers help baby feel when wet which promotes independence with toileting. A gracious friend, Montessori trained from birth to age 3, recommends disposable diapers for the early weeks/months.  There's enough to learn as a new parent, she says! 

Mama Bear Diapers -

Size 1

If you choose cloth diapers, check out 2 The Root sustainable diapering service in the DC area. If you prefer to create a system at home, check out Amazon's pick for best green cloth diaper. At last check, there is a top review outlining what to buy and what not to buy to make cloth diapering work for you.

Mama Bear Diapers -

Size 2

Whether you choose disposable for the beginning or longer term, I recommend Amazon's Mama Bear brand. We tried Seventh Generation and Honest Company diapers, but we prefer the Amazon brand because it makes the same eco-friendly claims, costs less, and has a strip that changes color to show whether the baby is wet.

Water Wipes

These are our favorite wipes because they are very moist and oh so gentle on the skin.  When possible, we rip them in half.  We also use these, which rip easily into thirds.

Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Does just what it's supposed to!  The design is so clever that I actually like changing the bag.

Dekor Diaper Pail Bags

Dekor also sells reusable washable bags for cloth diapers. You can find them here.


IKEA Chair

No complaints with this chair - we have the foot stool, too.  After three months, I switched to nursing the baby on the floor bed (less distracted baby and very cozy for both), but I like the chair in the nursery for guests and when I'm watching the babies play. Be sure to compare Amazon and IKEA prices.

100% Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow

Despite the cost, I love this pillow.  It's very soft and moldable, and you can't go wrong with 100% organic cotton throughout.  We use this for nursing, propping a baby with acid reflux, adult sleep, and as a climbing obstacle for crawling.  

100% Organic Cotton

 Nursing Pillow Cover

The cover has the same soft and gentle texture as the outside of the pillow. I recommend purchasing the cover because you can machine wash it, while you have to spot clean the pillow - definitley important for spitting up babes!

Side Table

We used any old night stand for the table next to the nursing chair, and you should feel free to also!  Keep water (!), tissues, a clock, salt lamp, nipple care items here.

Travel Alarm Clock

A clock on the nursing table helps you record feeding and sleeping times when you keep track at the beginning.  It also allows you to rely less on the phone around the baby.  

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We have found this to be the perfect night light for the nursery. It has a soothing warm glow, and you can adjust the level of brightness. Also, those negative ions, who knows?! :)

Nursing Pads

These worked well for me - no leaks. They're easy to care for, good for the environment, and kind of cute?!

Organic Nipple Butter

I like this nipple butter.  I also used lanolin and coconut oil.  After going through a tub of yummy nipple butter, I switched to multi-purpose coconut oil.

Spectra Electric Breast Pump

If your breast pump ever helps you through a tough time (for us, tongue tie), you will feel very attached to it.  We got ours free with our insurance - check yours!

Manual Breast Pump

I never took to the manual breast pump, though I like the idea: date night, wedding, car trip pumping made easier with no need for electricity. I didn't take to it because it was slower than the electric pump (which, yes, I brought to a wedding), and I wasn't away from my baby enough to master technique.  This said, an important breastfeeding tool for many.

Haakaa Breast Pump & Bottle

One of my beloved and all-knowing lactation consultants swears by this. I got the original - suction it to the breast you're not using to nurse while baby stimulates a let-down. Easier than electric or manual breast pumping, you collect milk for a daily bottle with no extra effort. We seldom bottle fed this time, but we're keeping the Haakaa for the future. 

Mother's Milk Tea

After avoidance of wine, coffee, and tea while pregnant, I eagerly embraced a warm, safe pleasure beverage after the baby was born.  It's non-caffeinated and supposed to be good for milk, too, so yay!  Anyone wanting to know what to bring a new mom: this tea, homemade lactation cookies, and/or homemade chicken vegetable barley soup!

Burt's Bees Organic

Cotton Burp Cloths

We use these cloths and plenty of hand-me-downs.  Ours are white, but we received two pink ones which we designated for bath.  We draped one warm, wet cloth over our baby's trunk to keep her comfortable and used the other for washing. Starting solid foods, we use wet burp cloths to clean up after a meal.

OXO Bottle Drying Rack

One of the things we thought we didn't need but ended up wanting.  When it came to drying parts of breast pumps and bottles, we wanted to keep things very clean - not resting on a wet-again-dry-again dish towel.  This rack keeps pieces elevated for optimal drying.  Now it doubles as our general family drying rack.

4 oz Mason Jars

This method has really worked for our family's priorities: non-toxic for baby, multi-purpose for our pocketbook and the planet.  We use these to refrigerate and freeze pumped milk and homemade baby food. Paired with silicone nipples, we use these as baby bottles.

8 oz Mason Jars

This method has really worked for our family's priorities: non-toxic for baby, multi-purpose for our pocketbook and the planet.  We use these to refrigerate and freeze pumped milk and homemade baby food. Paired with silicone nipples, we use these as baby bottles.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush

Nothing too exciting to say about this, but it works!  We use it for cleaning parts of our breast pumps and bottles.  Plus, the Montessori guide in me loves introducing our baby to the precise language for this fancy tool! 

Mason Bottle Silicone Nipples

We use bottles a couple of times a month, so these work for us and our philosophy. I don't know if they are recommended by lactation consultants. We used this bottle at the beginning, which is recommended by lactation consultants.

First Chair

We have the chair pictured and one from Michael Olaf Montessori CompanyI am happy with both, and this one costs less. Until babies can sit on their own, I feed them from my lap. 


I made my own by cutting adult placemats in half, finishing the edges, and outlining dishware and utensils in colorful thread. A silicone mat is an interesting variation, or you can find lovely cloth mats on Etsy.

Aden + Anais Maximum Coverage Bib

I prefer to feed our baby when she's naked, but between my daughter and my daycare, I've tried a lot of bibs. I like the bibs pictured because they offer a lot of coverage. I like this bib because it fits close at the neck. I like these because baby can pull them over the head.  I like this for a drooling baby.  I like this for no laundry! And then I found shirt bibs and they were a total game changer. 

Duralex Kids Glass Set

(4 of each)

Right now we use these as serving dishes, and our daughter has a more tactile experience with food on her high chair tray. I go for glass rather than something opaque, so the baby can see what's inside. When our daughter has a little more control and is sitting lower to the ground at her table, we'll likely switch to these. Offering breakable dishes to children is a way to show trust respect, and build responsibility.

Child-sized Glass Pitcher

When we introduce this to our daughter, we'll fill it with a little water so she can practice pouring into her cup. A transparent pitcher supports precision because the child can see the water. We know that water will spill, so we'll have a drying cloth. Pouring is an opportunity to develop concentration, independence, and coordination!

First Glass

Shot glasses are the perfect size for little hands, and they're thick. Through the clear glass, the baby can see the amount of liquid. I prefer to use glass over metal only after the baby has had an introduction to independent drinking (I hover less) and preferably when seated at a low table. Always supervised.

First Glass

While our baby still sits in the high chair on the tile floor of the kitchen, we're using stainless steel shot glasses. Note the curved lip on this one - ours doesn't have it, but I wish it did. Though Montessori recommends clear glasses, I find that I can support my baby's indepenence more fully with these to start. 

Baby Spoons

We chose a full utensil set first, but when we needed more utensils in rotation, we picked only spoons - best for purees. With espresso spoons, you get 12 for less money than 4 "baby spoons." Soon after receiving these, our baby decided she was done with purees and switched to finger foods (not related). C'est la vie.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair

This is a premiere item to score as a hand-me-down or from Craigslist. Strong and sturdy construction guarantees years of use. This is the chair for when baby enjoys a meal at the family table, or generally as a high chair (read on). Toddlers can climb up and down independently.

Stokke Steps Babyset

We thought we would use the Tripp Trapp only when our baby joined family meals and as a toddler chair when she was older.  We planned to solely use the child-sized table for weaning.  This said, we liked the support/security this seat gave when baby was still prone to tip sideways, but was ready for solid food.  

Stokke Tray

We preferred the seat and tray to lap feeding after awhile because we could see our baby's face to socialize and read her cues more easily.  Also switching to finger foods with the nicely defined boundary of the tray, she could have more control over her choices and pace.

Hearing Protection Earmuffs

Ours are made by Baby Bear, but the product is no longer available. We have our baby wear them when we use loud appliances like the Vitamix or vacuum, or when we're at a loud volume event.

Crocheted Washcloth

We have a set of handmade washcloths from a friend. We use the same cloth for washing baby hands and faces at each meal. When the baby sees this cloth, she can antiicpate what will happen. We also try to involve her in the process. 

Adult Apron

Chances are you already have a kitchen apron. I make a point of wearing mine during food preparation and feeding the baby. When our child's older and helping to cook, she'll have an apron to wear, too.

Movement Area

Cream Haus Non-Toxic Movement Mat

This is one of my two favorite finds that significantly impacts life in the nursery every day. This mat is well-made, attractive, and non-toxic. It's a bit grippy to support movement exploration. I feel good about all of the time children spend here. I liked the first so much that I got a second!


5 Montessori Mobiles

Aren't these mobiles stunning? You can also make them on your own, or borrow from a generous friend. We cycle our mobiles, and our older baby testers STILL gaze at them. These mobiles help develop visual tracking ability and concentration. We hang mobiles over the movement mat. 


Montessori Bell and

Ring on Ribbon

These toys have led to some of our baby's most concentrated and animated play. A friend made ours, and you can certainly create your own. Once you see baby intentionally batting his arms and legs, get these out. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Wood Play Gym

Our wood play gym is one of two ways we hang mobiles.  The other is a clear acrylic arm by Michael Olaf Company, though a plant hanger also works.  We use the wood gym for mobiles designed for interaction (i.e. bell and ring on a ribbon). We also like the wood gym for moving between rooms and taking on trips.

Sheepskin Baby Rug

We love our sheepskin. It makes everything cozier. It has lived under the play gym, in the nursing chair, and on the couch. Our daughter seems to enjoy resting on it, and we like that it allows her to feel a new texture. Note: Sheepskins are by-products of the meat industry; animals are not killed for the purpose of their skin. 

Acrylic Framer

Like the movement mat, the picture frame has a significant daily impact on our nursery. Every two weeks, I cycle three to four new calendar pictures into the frame. I stay on one artist for about a month, two rotations of pictures. The pictures spark conversation, offer exposure to artists and art styles, and refresh the ambiance for all.

CD Player

This is another MVP among our supplies. Hmm, I'm sensing a theme. I love exposing children to music. We listen to different styles, we dance, and we'll use instruments. Like the art, varying the music also engages me.

Wooden Rocking Boat

The children in my care are just getting ready to use this, and I'm excited! (We own this version.) RIE philosophy offers small physical risks as a way to help children build coordination, confidence, resilience, and grit.

Play Space

Both Montessori and RIE philosophies advocate for safe play spaces where children can explore independently, without a hovering adult. In addition to our child-proofed nursery, we have a 10-panel fenced play area.

Sliding Closet Door Lock

This is one of the products we use to child-proof our home. It secures sliding doors, while still allowing easy adult access.

Safety Catches

Our choice because they're inexpensive, effective but easy to navigate for adults, and not visible outside of cabinet.

Outlet Covers

Tightness of fit for outlet covers seems to depend on your outlet. You may have to try more than one kind. I prefer white to clear. 

Corner Protectors

At some point, these no longer stick well, but I prefer the soft material and large size (no chocking) to alternatives.  Available in different colors. 

Shelf Brackets

Our furniture was such that L-brackets worked in areas where children freely roam. We used these to secure furniture to the wall.

Furniture Anchors

We did not use these, but I see how they would be useful for a TV or piece of furniture not against the wall. This design appears to be all the rage. 



A quintessential Montessori baby item, the topponcino is a pillow used for holding the baby and supporting the baby's gentle transition to the world. It gives the baby a feeling of warmth, comfort, stability, and familiarity (texture and scent) when the baby transfers to someone else's arms. A dear friend made our topponcino. You can make one, find one on Etsy, or get this one made of Oeko-Tex certified wool and linen.

Ring Sling

I really wanted to like our Moby wrap (baby origami), and I am committed to giving it another try. But what DID work for us in the first few months was the ring sling. I liked that it was easy to get on, easy to put baby in, and our daughter felt cradled and secure. Our baby developed such a positive association with the ring sling (where she'd often fall asleep) that when we put it on, she would smile.

Ergobaby Organic Carrier

We were counting the pounds until we could use this carrier (didn't get the infant insert), and it did not disappoint. To us, soft carriers are the easiest to situate for adult and baby and the most comfortable for longer use for the adult. Because soft carriers don't enclose baby in the same cozy way as ring slings and wraps, I still prefer the latter for new babies. I've also heard good things about the LILLEbaby for lumbar support - it's also one of the few carriers that supports a front face carry.

Britax Advocate

Convertible Car Seat

We chose this car seat first. We like Britax because it does not contain toxic flame retardents, and the seats are very sturdy. We thought we were being smart and strategic by choosing a convertible carseat that works until 65 pounds, but we ended up wanting an infant seat, too. This seat has been updated since we got it (rebound bar!). We're looking forward to using our version, which still feels like a tank.

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

We got this car seat second. Navigating a city street with a tiny newborn in your arms is harrowing.  Getting a newborn out of a convertible car seat and carrying her (with neck support) with your purse and diaper bag feels medal-worthy.  The infant car seat increased our feelings of independence and safety in traveling with our daughter. It also created more comfortable transitions for our baby between home and car, especially when sleeping.

2018 UPPAbaby MESA Infant Seat - Merino Wool Version

We do not own this car seat, but it makes me drool. Naturally fire retardent with merino wool, this is a top-of-the line ($$) non-toxic choice. The upper weight and height limits are 35 pounds and 32 inches, respectively, which could last your child until around age three depending on body type (baby could also outgrow it in first year). Despite infant in the name, this doesn't have to feel like a short-term splurge.

UPPAbaby Double

Umbrella Stroller

We chose this stroller first. I wanted an umbrella stroller because I thought it would be lighter for up and down steps (this is actually a heavy stroller). I wanted a double for my home day care, but also to prepare for future children and limit gear. I wanted a non-toxic brand that doesn't use flame retardents. Despite average reviews, I'm happy with this stroller and use it every day.

Baby Jogger City Mini

We got this stroller second (as a hand-me-down). It is light, and I lift one handle and the whole thing folds.  So convenient.  The canopy on this stroller extends, and then extends even more, offering unparalleled sun protection. This stroller lives up to its name in being easy to get around town.

Snap-N-Go Universal

Infant Seat Carrier

I felt really good about the infant seat until I lugged that behemoth seven city blocks to an infant massage class.  Then I got this... And we officially started storing strollers in our car (for space and to transport the infant seat!).  This is a cheap product that works - thank goodness. We do not foresee any more stroller acquisitions or purchases at this time. ;)

Britax Travel System

With this system, you can purchase ONE car seat and ONE stroller in place of our two car seats and three strollers -

at least to start. 

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

If you're feeling fancy (and money is no issue), here is the stroller system for the merino wool infant seat mentioned above. Drool.

Back Seat Baby Mirror

We love having a mirror that lets us check on baby in the backseat. Done. This is the only one we got, and it works great.

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