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Featured 0 to 3 at Home Article

Montessori Inspired Newborn Essentials gives thorough guidance on how to prepare for a newborn following Montessori principles.

Montessori Inspired Newborn Essentials

How to prepare the home environment for a newborn following Montessori principles


Montessori Babies

Weekly posts on Montessori principles for a newborn


Dear Family… Notes for When Family Come to Visit!

One family’s requests for how to treat a newborn baby


10 Ways to Really Help Someone Who Has Had a New Baby

10 suggestions for supporting people during the postpartum period

Room-By-Room Safety Tips: How To Baby Proof Your Home

A thorough list of questions to ask and things to consider in safety proofing

Featured 0 to 3 Diapering Video

Diapering Lizzy demonstrates how diaper changing can support bonding and show respect.   

How to Love a Diaper Change

Diaper changing as a means for showing respect, building trust, fostering collaboration, and asking for consent


Honestly, How Do You Do a Standing Diaper Change

How one mother switched to standing diapering changes at home


Stand Up Diapering

An accessible and candidly humorous read on stand up diapering and how it encourages independence and toilet readiness

How to Potty Train Your Toddler The Montessori Way

The advice of a teacher who potty trained 100 children the Montessori way

Toilet Learning Tips

Kylie D'Alton ​from How We Montessori consolidates Montessori ideas on toilet learning.

A Montessori Approach to Toilet Training

Simone Davies from Montessori Notebook offers Montessori ideas on toilet training.

Featured 0 to 3 Weaning Article

Dodging a Toddler Food Fight guides a family away from testing at meal times.   

Montessori Meets Baby Led Weaning: A Natural Approach to Introducing Solids

How one mother introduced her baby to solid foods following Montessori principles and Baby Led Weaning

The Celebration of Weaning (Introducing Solid Foods)

How another mother introduced her baby to solid foods following Montessori principles and Baby Led Weaning



Countryside Montessori School models a weaning meal following Montessori principles (video)


Dodging a Toddler Food Fight  

A family receives advice to replace testing with peace and nourishment at the family meal


First Taste

Young children’s faces as they experience a variety of new tastes (video)

Featured 0 to 3 Concentration Article

A Lesson from Babies... It's Okay to Struggle suggests that struggle develops essential character traits in children.

A Lesson from Babies… It’s Okay to Struggle

How allowing babies to struggle helps develop independence, perseverance, and resilience


Fearless Baby Empowered by Risk

Through repeated falls, a baby demonstrates perseverance and the process for developing motor skills (video).

Help Me to Do it Myself: A Two-Year-Old Dresses Herself

A young child demonstrates the coat flip in dressing to go outdoors (video).


Montessori Starts from Birth (What Concentration Looks Like in an Infant)

An infant develops his sense of sight and ability to concentrate through exposure to the Gobbi Mobile (video).


Repetition in a Montessori Infant Community

A young child repeatedly puts on a sock, demonstrating concentration, independence, and developing body coordination (video).

Featured 0 to 3 Emotional & Intellectual Development Article

Helping Toddlers Succeed helps parents identify the line between protection and hovering interference in social situations. 

Montessori for Infants: A Window into the Nido at LePort Montessori

I watched this video often for inspiration when I ran my in-home day care.

To Say Goodbye or Not to Say Goodbye, That Is The Question. Why Say Goodbye When It Makes My Child Cry?

The case for saying goodbye and how not saying goodbye affects a child

Helping Toddlers Succeed (at the park, playdates, outings, and other social situations)

Understanding the line between protection and hovering to guide to children in a host of social settings

Why Asking Kids for The 'Magic Word' Doesn't Teach Manners (And What to Do Instead)

Helping children learn the grace and courtesy of our culture at a developmentally appropriate time through modeling and role-playing, while advocating for children in situations that unnecessarily exceed their skill-set or understanding

Setting Limits with Toddlers: The Choices They Can’t Make

The tricky art of confident, decisive, and gentle leadership


A Toddler’s Need for Boundaries: No Walk in the Park

The importance of boundaries as demonstrated through real-life examples

Is It "Giving In" Or "Responding?"

Navigating the gray area when it comes to following through on what you say

7 Reasons to Calm Down about Babies Crying

Understanding and responding when baby communicates through crying


Developing Inner Order: How We Can Help Our Children

The importance of order and consistency for children and how to help

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